Chat with customers in salesforce

 Chat should be enabled in salesforce org

Set up ­čí¬ Chat settings ­čí¬Enable Chat

Chat configuration

User must have a Service Cloud permission and Live Agent permission.

New chat creation 

Setup ­čí¬Service Setup Assistant ­čí¬View All ­čí¬ Search ­čí¬Chat with customers 

Click Next, then enter the queue name, Then add the users to the queue.

Mention the agent's size and team size etc.

Url of the website where we want to put chat page

Type of cloud – In our case it’s service  cloud

If the agents are not available online, we can initiate the office support by enabling the offline support, users can create a case using the offline form

Once everything done system will generate the code snippet, this snippet supposed to use at end of the website(footer of the website)

Pre chat and offline page configuration :

Setup ­čí¬Embedded service deployment ­čí¬opens the appropriate chat configuration ­čí¬Chat Settings ­čí¬Edit

Testing :

  • Copy-paste the above snippet to any one of the VF Page, then click preview of the VF page

  • If an agent is online, a chat opens with pre-chat form and ask for the necessary details, which we configured in the pre-chat page configuration

  • If no agent is online, a chat opens with offline case creation, which we configured in the offline page configuration.

Agent view:

Customer View 

Pre chat form:

Offline form: